Our company wa established in 1991. We are well-known on the domestic and foreign market alike.
Our customers rely on us because of the high quality and durabilty of our products.
The manufacturing process is based on polyester resin. In our offer you can find over 1600 variours patterns e.g.

  • brownies
  • human shape figures
  • animals
  • fountains
  • tables
  • lamps
  • figures of saints
  • Christmas and Easter figures
  • fairytale creatures
  • advertisind figures

and much more. If requested, custom-made figures are available.

We also manufacture te life-size laminate figures of:
  • horses
  • colts
  • cows
  • calves
  • pigs
  • roes
  • deers
  • reindeers
  • bears
  • sleigh
  • Santa Claus

and a wide range of advertising figures.

We hope you will find our offer attractive .